• Voltas 8 kg washing machine WTT80DGRG/FLRB5

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    Voltas Beko 8 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Blue  (WTT80DGRG/FLRB5)


    Is your washing machine consuming too much water? Do you have a limited water supply? Are you concerned about your water consumption and want to reduce your family’s water wastage? We have just the solution you need. At Voltas Beko, we have every option you could possibly need for your laundry according to the needs of your home. And that is why we have brought to you the latest and best range of semi automatic washing machines.

    About this item
    8 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine Inverter Motor provides low mechanical friction, lowers noise levels, improves durability.
    The program allows you to select the temperature between 20°C and 90°C. At 60°C, it provides anti-allergic laundry for your sensitive skin. Even while washing your clothes at a temperature as low as 20°C, the program washes your cotton clothes effectively while removing micro-organisms from it.
    Ensures better cleaning and reduces creasing by creating steam within the drum at the beginning and end of a cycle.
    Lets you control multiple functions of the machine through your smartphone, saving time and energy.
    A combination of rinse cycles, special soaking phases, different water temperatures, and increased tumbling action makes sure your clothes remain free from spots and stains.

    Washing Capacity (KG)   :   8

    Rating* : 5 Star

    Special Pulsator

    Soft Closed Lid

    Casette Filter   :   Double

    IPX4 Control Panel

    Double WaterFall

    Warranty   :  5 Year* ( 2 year comprehensive + additional 03 year on wash & Spin Motor)

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