• V-Guard VJ160 Tubular Battery (150 AH)

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    V-Guard VJ160 Tubular Battery  (150 AH)

    The V-Guard VJ 160 batteries fit perfectly in V-Guard Digital UPS to gift you an uninterrupted and continuous supply of power to your home. Moreover, the VJ 160 batteries work well with other UPS systems also. The backup offered by these batteries @400 W load is Two hour forty five minutes. The length of these batteries is 505 mm, the width is 220 mm and the height is 285 mm. The filled weight is 43.5 kg and the gross weight is 45 kg. These batteries require 15 L of acid give or take two litre. After full charge, the specific gravity of electrolyte in these batteries becomes 1.245± 0.005 g/cc. These batteries are covered by V-Guard under the standard warranty of 25 months, while there is the option of prorated warranty of 15 months. The technology used enables these batteries to deliver a larger amount of consistent, reliable power. They are engineered to deliver increased power and efficiency while maximizing their life span. In fact the maintenance required with these batteries is quite less and the efficiency they offer is maximum.


    Width-20 cm

    Height- 48 cm

    Depth-50 cm

    Battery Weight - Dry 33kg

    Battery Weight - Wet 48 kg

    Warranty Summary

    40 Months(25 months Free and 15 Months Prodata Warranty.

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