• Livguard IT-481400ST Tubular Battery, 140Ah

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    Product Description

    Battery Type: Tubular Technology

    Battery Capacity: 140Ah

    Brand : Livguard

    Warranty: 48 Months*(24 Flat+24 Pro-Rata)

    Livguard IT481400ST Tubular Inverter Battery Comes With 48 Months Warranty Onside 

    Livguard IT481400ST Tubular Inverter Battery is produced by employing top-quality material and state-of-the-art techniques in order to give excellent work performance even in a highly challenging field.

    Livguard has created a great image among its consumers in today's market by offering performance-oriented inverter battery in Noida. Being one of the premium quality products from Livguard, this model of inverter battery work for long hours

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    Available with 48 (24+24) months warranty & 140 AH capacity.

    Premium Lead Acid Storage Type & Extra Thick Tubular Plates.

    Having Supertuff 3D Grid that provides durable life.

    Non-Woven Gauntlets with Ultra Fine Pores & High Backup Charge Retainer provide prolonged backup.

    Manufactured with Tuff Futuristic Design with Modern Top-Quality Design & Strong High-Quality Long-lasting Material.

    High Purity, Corrosion-Resistant Proprietary Spine Alloy Composition ensures excellent performance & long life.

    Premium Deep Cycle Design can withstand longer power cuts.

    Easy Maintenance with Level Indicators.

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