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    Livguard Invertuff 150AH, 12V Tubular Inverter UPS Battery IT1548STT @C20 rating Recyclable Lead Acid Storage Type to have the Uninterrupted power even during power cuts at your Home, Office, shops. where you need a reliable battery connected to your Inverter to provide the required power. Livguard’s fast charging inverter batteries let you focus on the things that matter without interruptions and Handle frequent discharges (power cuts) and still offer dependable backup over months and years to come. With ample power to run your equipment, gadgets and home appliances,

    Livguard’s commercial and residential inverter Rechargeable batteries are designed with a superior plate grid design and high electrolyte volume to deliver enhanced performance and longer power backup. Moreover, these low-maintenance inverter batteries make your life easier by reducing downtimes and requiring minimal care.


    • 150AH, 12V @ C20 Rating Tubular Battery for Inverter UPS. 
    • Lead Acid Storage Type 
    • 48 months* warranty ( 24 Free replacement + 24 Pro-rata warranty )  
    • Extra Thick tubular plates - best suited for areas with frequent and long power cuts
    • Best suited for areas with frequent power cuts.
    • Supertuff 3D Grid ensures Longer Battery Life.
    • Non-woven gauntlets with ultra fine pores.
    • High Backup Charge Retainer Ensuring Long Battery Backup.
    • It has high purity, corrosion-resistant proprietary spine alloy composition for long battery life 
    • Tuff Futuristic design with advanced premium design and robust high quality durable material
    • Deep Cycle Design ideal for Areas with longer power cuts and ensures long battery life.
    • Easy maintenance with level indicators. 

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